Arena International

Vision & Features


Arena International Education Services is established with the vision of providing quality education and educational service to the student who aspires to stand successfully at the international arena with their qualification and experience. Having improved our educational standard and to provide reliable human resources who can contribute to create the desired lifestyle is our ultimate goal. To accomplish this mission, we are working day to day on building an educational partnership with the schools, colleges and universities in and abroad.

Ultimately, our goal of providing internationally recognized education could be materialized in the days to come that ‘makes the world follow you !’ through this diligence practice. So you’re heartily welcome at our premises in no time wherever and however; we are at your service forever.

Why do you need to select Arena ?

Simply, because you need the best where you can identify your potential and have tremendous options to facilitate your decision-making ability in bringing you a row of an excellent result that really and fantastically enhance your career. You feel no regret selecting us and living away to the rest. This could be the right decision on the right time.


  • – Representative of Top-most colleges/ universities across the globe.
  • – Professional counseling, Documentation guidance
  • – Financial assistance from reputed institution in Nepal.
  • – Result-oriented package with individual care
  • – Expert and enthusiastic tutors
  • – Well-equipped modern Audio-visual Lab
  • – Frequent interaction with colleges/ universities’ representatives
  • – Bright and Airy Classroom
  • – Small Size
  • – Weekly Test
  • – Unlimited Internet Access
  • – Flexible Class hour
  • – Congenial Environment